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The first image in the slideshow is what you see when you walk into a room in boarding at SMUS The second image in the slideshow shows a room in boarding at SMUS The third image in the slideshow shows the desk space in a room in boarding at SMUS The fourth image in the slideshow shows a bathroom in boarding at SMUS The first image in the slideshow is what you see when you walk into a room in boarding at SMUS
You'll share a room - and a private bathroom - with one other student

If you’re thinking about attending boarding school, your biggest question is probably, "Where will I live?"

SMUS boarders live in bright, furnished rooms that are shared between two roommates (you and one student). You don’t have to share an overpopulated dorm and there are no bunk-beds. We are serious about your privacy, so your room also has a private bathroom – that means no communal showers and no large dormitory bathrooms at SMUS – which is uncommon for a boarding school.

There are 21 rooms in each boarding house. Boys and girls live in separate houses but get to share a common room where you’ll find TVs, games, computers, a kitchen and lots of great friends to socialize with.

What’s in each room?

As a boarding student at SMUS you will have:

  • Your own room key
  • An extra-long single bed (no bunk-beds at SMUS)
  • A bedside table with lockable drawer
  • A desk with lockable drawer
  • A chair
  • Wall-mounted bookshelves and storage
  • A wardrobe for your clothes
  • A bulletin board

Each boarding room at SMUS has:

  • A private bathroom (with a sink, shower, toilet and mirror)
  • High-speed internet connection and WiFi
  • A telephone connection
  • A thermostat to control the temperature of your room
  • A large window (with blinds) for natural light

Who has access to my room?

Living in boarding at SMUS is like living in an apartment building. Students have a swipe card to access their building. However, you and your roommate are the only students that have a key to your individual room. Find out more ways we ensure your safety and security.

What can I bring?

You have a lot of leeway when it comes to your room, although remember you are sharing so it’s best to start off small. You will probably want less things than you think because part of being at boarding school is spending as much time as possible outside your room!

You are allowed both laptops and cellphones, but cellphone use is sometimes restricted, like when it's lights-out and during prep time.

As you move through the grades you will gain more privileges, such as being allowed video games and mini-fridges. There are also a few things – for safety and social reasons – that you’re not allowed. These include cooking appliances, hot plates, candles, giant monitors, TVs and subwoofers.

Once you have decided upon boarding school at SMUS, you’ll want to check out the Boarders' Handbook for recommendations of what items to bring with you and what items you’ll need to leave at home. There is storage for bicycles and suitcases, however, you should check with boarding staff before bringing anything big.

Kitty talks about her room in boardingI like that when you go into somebody’s room at SMUS you can tell a lot about who they are and what they’re in to. Even though all the rooms are pretty much the same, there’s a lot of opportunity to make it your own – so every room resonates with the personality of the people living there.

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