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Alessandra discusses her roommate in boardingI love my roommate, Aline, a Grade 12 student from the Yukon who is passionate about science and medicine. Having a roommate is so much more than just sharing a room with a classmate. I could not imagine adjusting to the day-to-day boarding schedule without the help of my roommate.

At SMUS, you will share your private room with one roommate.

With more than a century of experience as a boarding school, we know how to make sure you and your roommate have a fun and memorable year living together. Lots of our roommates become great friends, hang out when they’re not in class and encourage each other to join clubs and teams together.

Who will be my roommate?

We’re often asked whether you get to choose your boarding roommate. For obvious reasons, this isn’t possible – however, we’re careful to ensure a good match. As a way to get to know new boarders, we’ll have you fill out a questionnaire asking you about your habits and preferences (like “How messy are you?” and “How often do you talk on the phone?”) We’ll get a really good sense of who you are and you’ll be paired with another boarder who is a great fit for your academic and personal life – usually that’s a student in the same grade with similar study and sleep habits.

Boarding students come from more than 20 different countries, and to encourage cross-cultural friendships you may be paired with a roommate who is from another country.

What's it like having a roommate?

You may be thinking that the idea of having a boarding school roommate to be strange – especially if you have you’re used to having your own bedroom at home.

However, having a roommate at boarding school is a positive experience and here’s six reasons why:

Girls from Brazil and Germany in boarding
Many roommates become friends for life
  • Adjustment to Boarding School Life

    If you’ve never lived away from home before, you may be worried about how you will adjust to your new life at SMUS. New boarders are often paired with a roommate that has already been at SMUS for a year or more. Think of your roommate then as a personal guide! In no time, you’ll be learning about the routines and best spots on campus.

  • University Prep

    Almost every SMUS graduate goes to university and often they choose to study away from home. Many universities in North America have a roommate system, which means when you get there you’ll already be prepared to live with someone new.

  • Become a Better Person

    Everybody wants to be a better person and having a roommate helps you develop many important skills. A roommate is an opportunity to develop your leadership, patience and compassion, skills which we value at SMUS.

  • Study Buddy

    Wouldn’t it be great to know that if you were struggling with math problems or with an essay question, there was somebody right there that you could compare notes with?

  • Discover New Interests

    We have boarding students from more than 20 countries, so your boarding school roommate is likely to have different interests than you and introduce you to new hobbies and experiences. Trying new things is exciting but also scary, so who better than your roommate to get you started?

  • Lifelong Friendships

    Many boarding schools say you’ll “make lifelong friendships” and you’ll wonder if it’s really true? Check out some of our current students above – we didn’t tell them to say these things. SMUS boarding roommates really do become friends for life.


Still have a question about having a roommate? Ask one of our student ambassadors!

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