Other Support in Boarding

A student and a teacher discuss art

Boarding students have access to additional academic support in the evenings

In addition to houseparents, there are lots of other people on campus to help you during your life in boarding. 

House Prefects & Head of House

Your fellow boarding students, especially the existing boarders, have been in your shoes; they know what it’s like to start out in boarding in a new environment.

The House Prefects and Head of House are current leadership students who live alongside you in your boarding house and who are there to make your life easier. They deliver the boarding orientation program to new boarding students. Through the course of the school year, they use leadership skills to create an inclusive and supportive boarding community, and act as positive role models by maintaining good standards at school and in boarding.

Sam Platt talks about being Head of HouseWhen I was in Grade 9, my Head of House, Rio, was such a large role model to me, I looked up to him in every way possible. He was the one who convinced me to become Head of House. I feel like being Head of House is like being a big brother to the guys, especially the new guys. I’ve been there for a while, I know the tricks, and I can go to the houseparents, if they need, as a go-between.

Academic Support

All SMUS teachers are willing to provide extra teaching assistance if requested, and the Academic Support Centre remains open in the evening so you can gain additional academic support and workshop study skills.

Private music lessons are also available if you're looking to further your music studies after school.

The University Counselling team is a primary resource to guide you through the challenges of planning ahead for post-secondary school. University Counsellors work with you throughout your school career to help find post-secondary schools and programs that are a great fit, and help navigate through the application processes, timelines and procedures.

Physical and Mental Health & Wellness

The on-campus Health Centre provides medical assistance and education from trained doctors and nurses. The Health Centre operates as a staffed clinic for students during the week, and there is a nurse on duty or on call at all times, in the event that overnight stays are required.

The school has personal counsellors who are assigned to the Senior, Middle and Junior Schools, as well as the boarding community. Confidential access to the on-campus counsellors or off-campus psychologists or registered clinical counsellors is available to provide you with the support you need to succeed.

Learn more about how SMUS takes care of your Health and Safety. 


At SMUS, your life will be busy, sometimes hectic, and that’s why it’s important to reflect with your friends as a community.

Chapel offers an inclusive venue where we can step back and slow down as a school to see the bigger picture. Drawing on a diverse array of traditions and stories from around the world, Chapel provides an open platform for raising questions and sharing perspectives rather than offering packaged answers from a particular faith or philosophy.

You'll find that the gatherings are as likely to be led by students as by teaching staff. The role of student leadership extends to the Chapel Team, which ensures that the content is relevant and engaging. In other words, you can have a voice at the front or behind the scenes.