Fees, Cost and Scholarships for Boarding Students

Three graduates from SMUS

Boarding graduates are significantly better prepared for university

The Value of Boarding School

We believe that boarding school is an investment – shaping character and teaching work habits, lessons and practices that are invaluable in later life. It’s no exaggeration to say that kids that go to boarding school are much better prepared for the rigours of university education and independent living – a fact to which many of our graduates attest.

I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today if it was not for my journey at St. Michaels University School. This school, and its boarding system, shaped me into the mature, organized, well-rounded individual I am today. I started boarding in Grade 8 and it was an amazing experience. During my time as a boarder I made friendships that will last a lifetime and the experience as a whole brought me a level of maturity that allowed me to thrive in university.
Shade (studying BCom at McGill University)

This was backed up by a wide ranging survey by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), which found (among other things - see the full TABS report) that:

  • 87% of boarding graduates said they felt prepared academically for higher education compared to 71% at day private schools and 39% of public school students.
  • And on the non-academic side, 78% of boarding graduates said they felt better prepared for the social aspects of university compared to 36% of day private students and just 23% of public school students.

Many of our families recognize that a boarding education is so valuable to academic success, higher learning and life that they will make financial adjustments. This is especially true when strong students find high-quality education lacking in their hometowns.

Michael describes why he chose boarding at SMUSI chose boarding school for the experience. I come from a really small town and the school there is really small, and SMUS has given me the experience of university – coming to a big school, and living here, away from home.

Who goes to Boarding School?

Boarding schools are not exclusive to the super-rich; many students at SMUS are on financial assistance or have been awarded one of our boarding scholarships. Last year, more than 20% of the student body received financial assistance.

In fact many of our families have an annual household income of less than $100,000.

Not Sure? Let’s Talk...

If you are interested in boarding school, we encourage you to contact us to talk about the financial assistance and scholarship opportunities available.

More information about fees, scholarships and financial assistance:

Financial assistance is directly tied to the financial need of individual families. We offer financial assistance in order to remove financial barriers that keep promising students from receiving the very best education. This year, 22% of our student body benefited from financial assistance and we are determined to expand our ability to help students and their families in this way.

Apple Financial Services

Apple Financial Services is a member of the organization of Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS). By working with them, our school is able to have an external organization evaluate the financial need of individual families, and ensure that the financial information provided is held in complete confidence. FACS will provide us with a recommendation, which the SMUS Financial Assistance Committee uses to decide on the level of financial assistance to award to a particular student.

Families interested in applying for financial assistance must register and complete the online application using the Apple Financial Services website. The online application provides instructions and help as you fill out the form.

Deadline for FACS Applications

February 8, 2019 Deadline for financial assistance for returning families 
June 1, 2019 Recommended deadline for financial assistance for new families

We ask all financial assistance recipients to re-apply each year so that the level of assistance can be awarded according to each family's current situation.

Once you have completed the application for financial assistance, you will see directions for forwarding tax (and other) documentation. You will have the option of uploading your documents electronically, but Apple Financial will also provide directions for mailing items to their office in Ottawa should you prefer.

If you have any questions for Apple Financial Services, their telephone number is 1-866-437-7795. If you have any question about the financial assistance process at St. Michaels University School, you are welcome to contact Paul Leslie, Director of Admissions, at 250-370-6174.