Houseparents, Support & Safety

Hedvika explains why she likes having HouseparentsI love all my houseparents. They are really amazing. They support us, they help us, every time when I want to talk to them they’re open, they never refuse to talk to me, and they always find a good solution if I need help with something. I like that they are strict sometimes, so we can learn responsibilities – it’s not like we can do whatever we want. And they can also really cheer us up when we need it.

You will live down the hall from adults at SMUS called houseparents. The Senior and Assistant Senior Houseparents live in their own apartments connected to each boarding house.

What Do Houseparents Do?

Houseparents have many jobs – the #1 priority being caring for you. They keep track of you and your wellbeing, they provide guidance with your studies, they switch out the lights at night and they make sure your academic and community life at SMUS boarding school are going well. They also organize and take you on fun weekend activities, and plan the House Games events.

Senior Houseparents have at least three Assistant Houseparents who work with them to provide leadership and support for the boarders in their house.

Grade 8 boarders have their own dedicated houseparents who work with them directly in their first year of boarding. To provide a connection to the classroom, the coordinator of the Grade 8 houseparents is also a Middle School teacher.

Who are the Houseparents?

Almost all houseparents are members of staff, providing continuity between your life in and out of the classroom. The few houseparents that aren't faculty are usually teachers or teachers in training. At SMUS, being a houseparent is a chosen role. This means it is not an obligation to them but something they enjoy doing.

Many of our houseparents are long-serving, and some of them are even alumni of SMUS!

Uniformed SMUS boarding students on campus

Other Support at SMUS

Houseparents are part of a network of support available to you while you are in boarding at SMUS, which includes student prefects. You can read more about other support available to boarding students.

Boy helping students move in to boarding at SMUS

Welcome & Orientation

When you arrive at SMUS, houseparents and your new community will welcome you to your new boarding house. Find out more about orientation and how it is designed to give you a great start to your boarding life.

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Health & Safety

Living in boarding provides an opportunity to develop your self-reliance – but it’s also good to know that there are houseparents and other staff that are looking out for you. Read more about how we ensure your health and safety.


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