Senior School Programs

At the Senior School level, the primary goal is to prepare our students for the rigours of post-secondary education. In addition to meeting the BC Provincial Ministry of Education's requirements, we offer a range of additional courses including our Advanced Placement program.

A rigorous curriculum is at the heart of student learning. Academic courses are challenging and engaging, and provide a taste of what students will experience at university. Academic timetables spill over into the world of experiential learning through concert performances and full-scale drama productions, leadership roles and service initiatives, and competive athletic programs.

These learning experiences, coupled with compassionate teaching, guidance and coaching, create multi-faceted young men and women who go on to win major scholarships and attend universities all over the world.

By the end of their Grade 12 year, we want our students to have:

  • a strong academic record;
  • demonstrated leadership abilities;
  • a breadth of extracurricular experience;
  • a clear plan for their post-secondary future;
  • strong study and time management skills; and
  • experience with local or international service.