Competitive Sports

Competitive Sports

Competitive Sports

SMUS competes at the varsity level in 13 sports. At the Senior level (Grades 11-12) and Junior Level (Grades 9-10), all athletes compete through to the Vancouver Island championships, with some sports hosting provincial tournaments.

In most sports, SMUS competes at the AA level (based on school size). At the Senior School level, all teams are competitive and have a tryout component. Students who also play on a non-SMUS team outside of school are expected to prioritize their school team. 

Senior School sports require a high level of commitment. Players will often travel for competitions, occasionally miss class time for games, and can expect to train 4-6 times per week. Students should ensure that they are able to meet the requirements outlined by their coach.

SMUS Cross-Country team photo
Grades 9-12 cross country athletes train on local trails

In cross country running, athletes compete over open or rough terrain, typically outdoors.

Cross country runners in Grades 9 through 12, both experienced distance runners and those new to racing, compete on the Senior Cross Country team. Athletes compete over open fields, hills and local trails with distances ranging from 4 to 7 kilometres. League results are tabulated over five challenging races and awards for both top individuals and top teams are awarded. The season culminates with the Island Championships at Beaver Lake and the Provincial Championships for the top qualifying teams.

SMUS Advantages

Some of the highlights and advantages of cross-country at SMUS include:

  • Elite coaching from Jeff Hunt (more than 20 provincial championship appearances) and Judy Tobacco (former varsity track and field athlete)
  • Year-round outdoor training with close proximity to various running trails
  • Developmental program with runners from Grades 9-12 training together
  • Travel to Vancouver Island and provincial races

Senior School Cross-Country

Recent Highlights

  • Team finished 6th at Provincials (2015-16)
  • Senior Girls finished 3rd on Vancouver Island (2017-18)
  • Senior Girls finished 6th at Provincials (2017-18)